Floating houses are constructed with the use of prefabricated fiberglass composites, which are light, durable and characterized by remarkable level of thermal and acoustic insulation rate.

Fiberglass composites are fireproof, resistant to humidity and salt, and non-corrosive. The composite technology is widely used in automotive, aviatic, rail and in marine & watercraft industry.

The standard of the equipment depends on the investor needs and the function of the object.

This can be either a five star luxury apartment anchored in a remote corner of the world, offices, a restaurant or a floating house for living in.

The optional equipment of every floodule includes air source heat pump, air condition, floor heating, biological sewage water treatment, LED illumination and smart home system.

It is possible to utilize eco-friendly solutions such a photovoltaic collectors, solar panels, power battery and water or wind turbines.

World's first modular floating house

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The biggest advantage of modular construction is the rapid time of investment implementation. Modular homes distinguish simple, modern forms and transparency of the composition.


The whole structure is made of separate floating modules. How many and what configuration is decided individually for every project.


By using mobile and modular technology our product can be transported to every place in the world.

The future
starts today,
not tommorow.

Floodule is a compact, next generation solution.

Available today.

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